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Children's Tours

Zoom Information:


Minna - Meeting ID: 958 908 8656  Password: enjoy10


Nancy - Meeting ID: 718 212 1646  Password: 313131


Ryan - Meeting ID: 782 921 4178  Password: Daniel123

Suggestions for how to prepare for the tour:


  • Dress up as an Israelite or Egyptian!

  • Draw a picture and share it with others after the tour!

  • If possible, please type children's name and country on Zoom 

  • Have the children sit near the screen and microphone since the tour is interactive

  • Print or have on a device The 10 Plagues activity sheet we have attached below in this email as we will make reference to it.

                                Print ----->>>

Please join the meeting 10 minutes before the start time. The tour takes about an hour but it is recommended to set aside 1.5 h for the whole event.


This tour is for the children but we believe the whole family will benefit from it, so please join together if possible! Enjoy the tour and have fun!

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