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Bethel Experience

5 days US Bethel only, Stanley 
Theatre + NYC

Includes Breakfast, Bethel reservation, land transportation, and hotel lodging.
Visiting Warwick, Patterson, Wallkill, and NYC.

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  1. January 13th to 17th

  2. April 26th to 30th

  3. May 2nd to 6th

  4. June 7th to 11th

  5. August 9th to 13th

  6. September 14th to 18th

  7. October 19th to 23rd


Bethel Plus

6 days - US Bethel + Washington DC + NYC

Includes Breakfast, Bethel reservation, land transportation, and hotel lodging. Warwick, Patterson, Wallkill, NYC and other trips include Washington DC. 

Please select 🖱️the date that works best for you

  1. March 8th to 12th Bethel + Museum

  2. June 22nd to 27th Bethel + Children's Tour

  3. July 12th to 17th Bethel + Washington DC


Trip of a Lifetime

8 days - US & Canada Bethel + Niagara Falls + Washington DC + NYC

Includes Bethel reservation, land transportation, and hotel lodging. US and Canada, Niagara Falls, Washington DC, and NYC.

  1. May 9th to 16th

  2. June 13th to 20th

  3. July 11th to 18th

  4. September 5th to 12th

  5. October 10th to 17th

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