JW Trips® LLC is owned and operated by Jehovah's Witnesses who got together and decided to organize affordable and spiritually upbuilding trips to all our Bethel facilities in New York and other parts of the world. In 2011 JW Trips® decided to provide an affordable option to visit Bethel. Since the bus did not fill up they invited other congregations. Only to discover a great need that has kept them busy for over the years. Since then, JWTrips.com has helped over 4000 brothers and sisters, from different states of the U.S and other parts of the world, make their dream of touring Bethel come true.


Why travel in a group?

Group trips create an opportunity to make new, long-lasting friendships by spending quality time with our entire association of brothers. It also makes it possible to divide amongst all passengers the costs of traveling, which translates to significant savings in hotel and transportation expenses. During trips, they enjoy sharing experiences, having morning worship, the Watch Tower study, Bible reading and other spiritual activities that strengthen and upbuild every mile along the way.

Why are our prices much lower than the others? Simply put, we transfer the savings from traveling in groups to you. We try hard to negotiate with everyone involved in putting these trips together so that you don´t have to pay more than what you should.



Spiritually Upbuilding


Expert Travel Knowledge with 10 years of experience


Best Prices in the industry


         We travel with you

      as personal guides


        We only use recent            motorcoach buses &            updated hotel rooms



Stalin is our Marketing Director and a certified NYC tour guide. Vielka is our customer service specialist and receptionist with many years of experience in the travel industry.



Ben is our Operations Director and tour guide. He works hard so that all the logistic involved in planning a trip goes smooth. Lindsay is our hotel specialist and receptionist.

Please choose a good time for you to receive a 15 minute conversation to answer all the questions you may have about our trips.
Schedule a Call-Back @ U.S Central time
15 min


NYC Museum Tour Guide Expert

Ryan is a NYC Certified tour guide with many years of experience. He has conducted tours at the Met, the Brooklyn Museum and many others.


Tour Guide Expert

The Toro family has extensive experience doing tours and they have served as tour guides for the international convention in 2014.


Tour Guide Expert

The Obando family has extensive experience doing tours.


Tour Guide Expert

The Obando family has extensive experience doing tours.

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JW Trips® is an independent travel agency and tour operator owned by Jehovah's Witnesses.
We are not legally associated in any way with the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania

The itinerary is subject to slight change due to inclement weather and (or) unforeseen occurrences out of our control.
No refunds are granted for natural disasters interrupting this itinerary.

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